Week 4: Strategic Seating Procedure

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As I mentioned in week one, I excuse students to the rug by tables.  On Mondays, Table 1 sits in the front row, Table 2 sits in the second row, Table 3 sits in the third row and so on. On Tuesdays, Table 2 sits in the front row followed by Table 3, then 4, 5 and then 1.  On Wednesdays, the rotation starts with Table 3 followed by 4, 5, 1, then 2.  So on Thursdays, it goes Table 4, 5, 1, 2, 3.  And on Fridays, it’s 5, 1,2, 3, then 4. Now that I provide more opportunities for Turn and Talk then ever before to develop students’ academic oral language, I am able to listen in on all the partnerships at least once a week without having to step over students. I am in the process of choosing focus students to script and analyze their running record of oral language during whole group instruction. I think this rotation will serve me well.  If you are reading this and you decide to try it out, let me know how it goes and any modifications you had to make if any.  If you’ve found a systematic way of listening in on students, I’d love to hear about it.  Management is a constant challenge with 31 students and I need all the strategies I can get.  


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I have my students sit in a "double oval" with an inner oval and an outer oval (if that makes sense). We have 3 positions, "reading position" which is everyone facing the easel, the "turn and talk" position where the inner oval kids turn to talk to their partner in the outer oval, and the "grand conversation" position, where the students face the center of the oval. The last position encourages the students to look at each other and hopefully puts more of the focus on talking and listening to each other and not just talking to the teacher. They are getting better at remembering which position is which. During turn and talks I can walk through the oval to get to the students who are farther away. The kids who are farther from the easel know they are in an important position of responsibility and trust. The closer kids are some of my most struggling students who need to be near the teacher.

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Bee, I love this idea!  It makes so much sense especially since you eventually get to hear all of them "up front" during the course of the week!  Strategic thinking!  Will share this idea with  my K, 1, 2 colleagues at BH!

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I, too, am struggling with seating arrangements. Kids are strategically partnered but space is very limited and I can see how personal space is an issue. My classroom is arranged in an auditorium style fashion with carpet space for discussion. I like the oval idea and will have to try it, but I'm still not sure how to orchestrate the transition from whole group to small group. Thanks for the idea!

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