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Week 20: Focus Student


Why is it worthwhile to have a focus student? How can taking an Oral Language Record focus a conversation around student learning? Focus to notice is the topic of this week’s blog. 

Week 19: Instructional Decision


Week 18: Vocabulary


Week 17: Unpacking the CCSS


Week 16: Language Readers


At this time, I would like to tell you about the Language Readers I am using to develop my students’ oral language particularly those of my English Language Learners.  What are Language Readers? If you have not had a chance to peruse through the different tabs, below is a brief description found on this website. For more information and descriptions, click on the Assessment Tab, scroll down, and click on Language Readers.

Week 15: Assessment Tools


Week 14: Bridging Oral to Written


Week 12: Strategic Partnering


Week 11: Next Steps


It took me a while to decide what to write about in week 11.  As I immerse myself in this work around oral language and think more deeply about teaching academic conversations, I am noticing more and more what students are actually doing or rather thinking.  Along with these formative assessments arise new questions and challenges every week.  I wondered, “What would people want to read about?” I hope this week’s highlighted successes, challenges, and next steps will be supportive in your work. 


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