oral language development within the Reading Recovery lesson

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I'm wondering if anyone else is looking at student oral language development within the Reading Recovery lesson, more specificly egocentric speech (Vygotsky) or ventrioquation (Bahktin)?  I am a doctoral student in Maine and would like to connect with others on this topic,



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Thanks for posting your inquiry. I am sure other folks will respond but wanted to suggest you look at the concept of egocentric speech in the work by Carol Lyons in her book on Struggling Readers which she based on work by Tharp and Gallimore.  There are two sections in the book Rousing Minds to Life by Tharp and Gallimore that refer to this research.  They connect Vygotsky's theory of the ZAD and ZPD to oral lagnauge development through social speech/private speech/inner speech.   Hope this is helpful.                                                                                       Adria


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Thanks Adria, I will check that out.  I have the Lyons text and will track down Tharp and Gallimore's primary source work. 


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I read Bakhtin and can say that his ideas are really worthy as far as this topic is concerned. I used to write my research papers using his book.
I am planning to analyze Vygotsky as well.