what are the steps to turn and talk (for first grade level)

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how does one best state the phrase...

Turn to you partner and talk about the topic

turn to your partner and ask your questions

turn to you partner and state the teacher directed sentence stem

turn to your partner and find out their opinion/thoughts/understandings


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I've found that being as explicit as possible with 1st graders leads to the most successful exchanges between partners.  Providing stems will help.  When prompting students to turn and talk use specific directions.  For example:  "Turn and tell your partner what you think. Say I think..." You might also think about teaching students how to take a question and transform it into a stem.  For example "What do you think the character was feeling?  Start by saying to your partner I think the character feels....because..."  If you want to check to make sure your students are actively listening you might teach them  to respond to their partner by saying "You said... or THis is what I heard you say...". If you teach a new stem, create an anchor chart and add to it as you practice a variety of responses.  This will provide students with a reminder and the scaffold to help them make choices independently when responding to a prompt in the future.

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