Accelerating Student Learning Using the Language Readers

How can teachers accelerate student learning? One way is to determine what is impeding movement and addressing those needs.  That is exactly what one teacher did to get her students who were stuck at a reading level to make rapid progress.


I cannot seem to find out how to save my work on here. Is there a tutorial I can watch to show me how?

downloads of assessment forms

have adobe reader but couldn't download blank assessment forms?

Blank OLR and analysis forms

I am unable to open up the blank forms even with the pdf upgrade. I'd like to use these tomorrow. Can anyone help me out?


Saving audio

When I record an audio conversation, how do I save the audio so that I can go back to it later to transcribe.

assessment tool app OLAT

Could you please advise who designed this tool, who the authors are on the website home page etc and verify if the assessment tool design is based on research by anyone in particular. I would like to recommend its use at my school, but leadership require evidence of it having a satisfactory base in acceptable research. (I think it would be good if this information were visible on the homepage to authenticate the content for all users...) Thank you in anticipation, Kind Regards, Kim Fisher

apple and android app

Hi I understand that you have a brilliant app that will help in assessing oral language - is it up yet?

Week 31: Listening Assessment


There’s more to observing than meets the eye. And when it comes to oral language, it is really about what meets the ear.  In the last couple of weeks, I’ve had several conversations around listening comprehension and oral expression.  

Week 30: Language Readers


Work smarter not harder is one of my favorite mottos. Sometimes having the right tool does just that.  This week, using one of the Language Readers series, I was able to assess and address student need leading to desirable outcomes. 

In the beginning of the week, I used the wordless book of the Getting Dressed series as a pre-assessment tool with my focus student. I had her tell me what is happening.  Here’s a short sample of her OLR (Oral Language Record).

Week 26: Academic Vocabulary



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