Oral Language Record, March 1

In February, we have been doing Nonfiction All About unit for Critical Literacy and Writer's Workshop.

We wrote All About Dogs together as a class in Shared Writing using four categories:

Physical Characteristics, Diet, Behavior and Habitat.

Next, I sent an All About Me questionaire for homework using those same four categories, and I have been using that information to help students write their All About Me books during small group time.

Week 21: Assessment Tools


Week 20: Focus Student


Why is it worthwhile to have a focus student? How can taking an Oral Language Record focus a conversation around student learning? Focus to notice is the topic of this week’s blog. 

post assessment OLR and reflection

After reflecting on the first Oral Language Record for my focus student, Elvis, the kinder team recommended that I use shared writing (about a shared class experience) as a strategy to model how to tell a story with a beginning, middle and end. Elvis' dad visited our class on December 14 to demonstrate how he can carve fruit into beautiful shapes such as animals and flowers. The students were so amazed by his beautiful artwork. I asked the class to retell what happened that day using a beginning, middle and end. We put up 3 fingers to count the beginning, middle and end.

Week 16: Language Readers


At this time, I would like to tell you about the Language Readers I am using to develop my students’ oral language particularly those of my English Language Learners.  What are Language Readers? If you have not had a chance to peruse through the different tabs, below is a brief description found on this website. For more information and descriptions, click on the Assessment Tab, scroll down, and click on Language Readers.

Oral Language Rubric and Analysis Tool

Rubric= Date: December 18, 2012, Student: Elvis, Setting: Writer's Workshop

2-Uses social language, 1- Uses incomplete sentences in English, 2- Responds in simple sentences in Spanish, 1- Structure interferes with meaning, 1- Meaning unintelligible or incoherent

Analysis Tool

Oral Language Kenny

Week 15: Assessment Tools


OLR forms

Is it possible to get the OLR forms as 
Word documents so we can type into them?


Gregg Margossian 


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