Case Study

I choose Tiffany because she was in my EL Summer Academy. According to CELDT, she is beginner. She did not speak in kindergarten. If I can find strategies to help Tiffany accelerate her oral language development, I will be able to target the needs of so many of my EL students.

OLR transcript



OLR Form

Date: 11/27/12

Time: 10:00      Setting: Room 6 classroom, writer’s workshop


Teacher: Tell me about your story.

Student: On Sunday/(sangre?) fall down the baby because it’s broken this and it falls downs, down, down,.

T: Who fell down?

S: Him. (points to picture)

T: Who is he?

CCSS California Indicator Review

Attached is a letter from CDE opening up for review the California Indicators for Achievement Level Descriptors. There is an online review open until mid January. They expect the State Board to adopt mid March.  Here is an opportunity to get our voices heard.

:) Deb

Case Study


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