Turn and Talk

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Great and I like your concept that language is most power tools for childs because they don't need to ask anyone that do my assignment if they learn about language properly 

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what are the steps to turn and talk (for first grade level)

how does one best state the phrase...

Turn to you partner and talk about the topic

turn to your partner and ask your questions

turn to you partner and state the teacher directed sentence stem

turn to your partner and find out their opinion/thoughts/understandings

copying video


I wanted to copy the video to use in our PLC since the internet connections don't always work. Is this possible?

oral language development within the Reading Recovery lesson

I'm wondering if anyone else is looking at student oral language development within the Reading Recovery lesson, more specificly egocentric speech (Vygotsky) or ventrioquation (Bahktin)?  I am a doctoral student in Maine and would like to connect with others on this topic,


OLR # 4: Edgar

Here's my next OLR with Edgar. This was during a lesson co-taught with April Stout focusing on using Cuininaire rods to solve Algebraic expressions

Week 32: Small Group Academic Conversations


The goal is independence! Can first graders conduct small group discussions without the teacher?  This week, I gradually released my first grade students to have small group academic conversations independently to find out. 

OLR #7

Mr. Rosato’s target student,   S1,  5th grade 4/22/2013, 9:45-10:05


Level 18 Guided Reading group of six students had read a text 1 time prior to this meeting and concentrated on text features to provide evidence of the main concepts in the text, "Getting Even with Steven." This step was to continuing to refine the movement from oral constructs into written form.


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Hi, Dear All, I am new to this website. Have a nice day.


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